It’s Club Afilliation Time!

WSR Affiliation 2020 Season

It has to be done folks! Please make sure your club secretary or committee officer completes the required affiliation forms for April 1st 2020 – March 31st 2021.

This year some of the affiliation process can be done online, this is all work in progress while the new website for WSR is developed. I would appreciate it if everyone could try to use the online version first, if you can’t or don’t want to then the club affiliation form is still available as a word document. Any feedback on the whole process would be very helpful so we can continue to try and improve how we do things.

Also I was hoping to improve the Membership spreadsheet and make it slightly easier to use but unfortunately have not had time to do so as yet. This will be updated during the season, I will inform all club secretaries when the new version is available in due course.


  • Club constitutions
  • Affiliation Form (Now available online) *
  • Membership Spreadsheet
  • Safety Audit
  • Club Risk Assessment


Remember, if you haven’t affiliated by the 1st April, you will no longer be covered by the WSRA insurance.  This is a strict deadline which everyone was made aware of at the AGM in January!

Any clubs that wish to do the Wreck Race on 4th April 2020 MUST affiliate by end of March at the latest. Thank you.


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