League Points System & Trophies

This page is to explain how the Leagues are setup and how the points system for race events functions. At the end of every season there is a presentation evening that takes place and during this event the trophies will be handed out to all the winners of the different events and leagues.


Following the day of racing there should be a presentation of results.  For each race, the full results should be available, including positions and times of all crews.  The positions and times of every crew should be read out in reverse order.  The winning crew in every category should be awarded a trophy.  Every category should have a trophy awarded if there was a participant in the category. Several clubs award all junior crews certificates for the non-winning positions.


Results should be compiled as quickly as possible and sent to results@searowing.wales within a week after the event.  It is vital that the form supplied by the WSR for results compilation is used to ensure the minimum extra work for WSR officials and to ensure the correct counter checks can take place.  Care must be taken to ensure that the following information is correctly transcribed from the registration forms:

  • Crew Name – if a crew is named a different name between events the WSR compiler will assume these are intended to be different crews; e.g. If a club enters one race as ‘The jolly pirates’ and another race as ‘Men’s A team’, these are 2 different crews.  Do not change the name that the participant has entered.  A crew may not change the entry after the race has started; e.g.  if the club has entered an ‘A crew’ and a ‘B crew’, the winning crew cannot be designated the ‘A crew’ for points purposes.
  • Category for points – Enter only one category for club points.  This must be designated at registration and cannot be changed after the event.  Clubs may designate any category for which they are eligible.  Hosting clubs should transcribe the category exactly – do not assume a veteran crew wishes to collect veteran points if they haven’t designated this on the form.
  • Position – every crew must be entered with a position in the race.  In the event of dead heats for any place, it is vital that this is made clear on the returns.  Clubs entered with the same time but successive numbers will not be assumed to have been in a dead heat.

Points System

The points system was revised to be trialled commencing the 2018 season.  Points to be allocated as follows:

Places Points for North/South Races Points for Joint Races
1st 15 20
2nd 12 17
3rd 10 15
4th 8 13
5th 7 11
6th 6 9
7th 5 7
8th 4 5
9th 3 4
10th 2 3
Not placed 1 2

The points for first place, second place, third place etc. regardless of the category of the crew will be awarded in this order, e.g. a Senior veterans crew may achieve the points coming home in first place, followed by a senior crew who would be awarded the points for second place, as second boat home.


All winning crews must be awarded a trophy.  It is the responsibility of the host club to ensure all trophies are returned by the event day.  Clubs should be contacted in advance to remind them to return trophies.  Host clubs should keep records of where trophies have been awarded and whether a trophy was taken away.  Winning crews may choose not to take a trophy home if they wish.  This should be recorded.  It is NOT ACCEPTABLE to tell winning crews to contact previous winners to retrieve a trophy.  Trophies should be tasteful with a suggested value of £50 each.


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