Rowing Guidance, Good Practice & Safety

Welsh Sea Rowing provide an extensive library of documents on all aspects of Good Practice, Technique and Safety.

This document is the Welsh Sea Rowing Association Policy on Secure handling, use, retention and disposal of Disclosures and Disclosure Information.

TO BE COMPLETED SHORTLY – Awaiting new document

Welsh Sea Rowing Child Protection Advice

Follow the following link to the Welsh Sea Rowing Child Protection Advice, or email the WSR Child Protection Officer for advice.

Rowing Technique and Rigging

This WSR Presentation on Rowing Technique and Rigging covers the essentials of rowing technique for fixed seat rowing in Celtic Longboats and sliding seat rowing in Coastal Sculls.

Coxing Celtic Longboats

This British Rowing Presentation on Coxing Celtic Longboats covers all the aspects of Coxing Celtic Longboats, including motivation, responsibilities, racing tactics and safety.

This British Rowing Coxes Coastal Workbook acts as a logbook and assessment workbook for prospective Coxes.

This British Rowing Cox Coastal Tutor Notes is a guidance note for Coaches to refer to when teaching new Coxes.

Safety Presentation

This WSRA Presentation on Safety covers the essentials of safety for Open Sea Rowing Clubs.

Every Club must have a designated Safety Officer and every Club Must Complete a Risk Assessment concerning rowing training and racing in their area of operation.

Guidance on trailer towing

The Department for Transport advise that there are special allowances for long trailers and long boats exceeding 7 meters as they are purpose built. Please read ‘Carrying long loads which overhang the front and/or rear of a vehicle or trailer’ and the DfT Overhanging Loads – Information Sheet.

Category B licences are eligible to tow provided the gross weight of the towing vehicle is under 3500kg and the trailer is no more than 750kg gross. Single/double Celtic trailers are rated at 750kg max because any higher and you need assisted braking etc. (much more expense and not really ideal if you’re dipping it in salt water every week).

People who tow must be covered on their own vehicle insurance to do so, which is something each individual will have to check.

This guide on trailer towing from British Rowing is essential reading for anybody involved in towing rowing trailers.

Please make sure anybody from your club who tows is made aware of its contents and understands their own position with regards to insurance and the law. Several WSR clubs have had incidents over the years, and it really could happen to you.

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