Clwb Rhwyfo Aberdyfi Rowing Club

Welcome to Aberdyfi Rowing Club.

We hope that you will enjoy rowing as much as we do.  If you haven’t rowed before (or maybe even if you have) there is quite a bit to get used to and we hope this introduction will help you find your feet in the club.


What is Coastal Rowing?

Very simply – for us it’s rowing in the Dyfi Estuary and Cardigan Bay to have fun, to keep fit and, for many of us, to take part in races all round the coast of Wales.

What boats do you row?

We row 24’ long Celtic longboats, with four rowers (each with one oar) and a cox. We have three of these traditional Welsh boats with fixed seats and we use these for races around the coast of Wales.
As well as the longboats, we also row a smaller Teifi Skiff, with 2 rowers and a cox. This also has fixed seats but each rower has 2 oars. Lastly we also have French-designed sliding seat boats called Yoles that we use for international races as well as for fun. Each rower in these boats usually has two oars (called sculls, just to be confusing). We have one Yole for a single rower and two doubles.

How often do you row?

We row the single and double Yoles whenever we can – and that only depends on the weather. It takes bit of organisation to get a crew of four and a cox together, so we row the Celtics on specific evenings and at weekends throughout the summer, and just at weekends in the winter. (See later for times).

Don’t you have to be very fit?

You have to be reasonably fit to row even for fun but rowing itself gets you fit – and keeps you that way. We organise indoor training sessions in the gym at Tywyn during winter months which helps keep in some kind of shape.

Club rowing times – summer


Club Rowing for all on various evenings during the week at 5.30pm
Additional Club Rowing during the week by arrangement with the Club Captains.
10 am on Saturday mornings Club Rowing for everyone, including beginners. Come along to this session if you want to have a go!

Saturday morning rowing organised by Duty Members.

If the number of members turning up for Club Rowing leads to full plus incomplete crews, rows will be around 20 minutes long and boats first out will come back to swap crews.
Any time after initial induction

Organised by Duty Members on Sat and by individuals at other times.

Club rowing times – winter

Sat 10.00 am Club Rowing for all organised by Duty Members.


Can I try it out?
Yes, you can row with us on two Saturday mornings at 10.00am (for £3 a go) before joining.
When you know you like rowing you can then join – the fee for an adult is £75 a year which includes full insurance and full use of all the club’s boats and equipment.
How do I join?
Come to our boathouse on the Wharf in Aberdyfi on Saturday morning and get a membership form.

Juniors We have a thriving juniors section for young people aged 14 and over.

For more information about our club contact Committee members :
Chairman  Mike Rogers


To view and purchase official performance kit please visit our Godfrey Clothing club page. For casual wear and T-shirts please go to V Key Sports.

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Joint League Championship 2020, WSRA Club Championship 2020
2019, 2020

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