MYC Rowing

Sea Rowing Celtic Longboats in Porthmadog

MYC Rowing is part of the  Madog Yacht Club based on the harbour in Porthmadog. We row in fixed seat Celtic Longboats, with crews usually consisting of four rowers and a cox. We are affiliated to the Welsh Sea Rowing Association and take active part in league races up and down the country.

As a club, we take part in other races across the country including the Great London River Race, Castle to Crane and more. We also host our own league race and the epic Madog Dash.

We’re a social and inclusive club, welcoming members of all skill levels and all walks of life. For more information about joining the club, please see our website, click here.

Joint League Championship 2020, WSRA Club Championship 2020
2019, 2020


Joint League Championship 2019
Aberporth Rowing Club


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