Welsh Rowing – River Rowing

Rowing takes place on rivers and lakes around Wales. These are typically sliding seat boats and are either the ‘fine’ Olympic class boats or wider more stable boats preferred by many when learning to row and rowing more recreationally. There are competitions all year round with a variety of head of the river races through the winter and regattas with more exciting side by side racing in the summer. Tours are becoming more popular with rowers taking their time to explore new stretches of river; there is no prize for finishing first, just the enjoyment of the social excursion. Para-rowing (formally known as adaptive rowing) is rowing or sculling for people with physical, sensory or learning disabilities/limitations. The equipment can be adapted to be inclusive to almost anyone.

How to Start

To find out more about learning how to start river rowing use the links to the left to find your nearest club offering what you would like. Most clubs either offer their own learn to row programme or make use of local watersports centres for learn to row courses. The club you contact will be able to advise. If you are an existing rower who has moved to a new area, or coming back to the sport, most clubs should be able to cater for you without doing a learn to row course.

Head over to the Welsh Rowing dedicated River Rowing page for more information.


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