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This RowSafe Rowing Safety Quiz has been prepared in the hope that this will enable readers to reflect on the subject and maintain their interest. It may even provide some entertainment.
The Quiz is provided in an editable document, so that it can be adapted for other uses, if required.

The questions in the quiz are based on information in RowSafe, and Safety Alerts and other safety information, linked to from RowSafe. The following topics are covered:-

• Repacking Throw Bags
• Radio Procedure
• Sunburn, Heat Illness and Heat Exhaustion
• Waterborne Infections and Diseases
• Safety Inspections and Boat Checking
• Head Injuries and Concussion
• Is it safe to go out alone? and
• Swimming

Richard Donnor, the Regional Rowing Safety Adviser for the East Midlands Region has kindly produced a web enabled version of both the June quiz and the May quiz.

These are available here and a link will be posted on the British Rowing website here.

The answers to this quiz will be circulated early in July.

You may wish to use these questions in a club quiz, as an introduction to training, or for some other purpose. If you would like to make the questions less easy then feel free to remove the multiple choice options.

This quiz is available to download here:


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