COVID-19 Test, Trace, Protect

As part of the rules for rowing clubs to be Covid-19 secure they need to record who attends the club, when and for how long. Clubs need to hold this information securely to assist with the Welsh Government Test, Trace, Protect system.
WSR have looked at various online systems for doing this and everyone is free to use whatever method they wish but we can recommend using the Checkincognito website. It is simple to setup, secure and allows you to print a very clear poster with QR code enabling members and visitors to your club to easily check in and out using their smart phones.

Follow guidelines below to set this up for your club:

Instructions to setup

Firstly one committee member from each club has to login to this site and ‘Register a venue’. This basically means adding the Name, Address and Category of venue into the system.


Please note the ‘Venue Tag’ is a short code for the venue, when people check in they can use that code as means of identifying the club. The ‘Average Visit duration’ ensures that when expired the member will be automatically checked out. If they need to extend how long they are attending they can do this through the app.

Once the venue is setup the user is presented with the menu below:

From here they can ‘Print QR Poster’ which is basically an A4 poster to stick on the club entranceway / door so when people visit they can use this QR code to check in to the club. Small posters like this one are also available.

Members can then scan the code when they attend a session at the club, this allows a club to record who attends and when. It is recommended every member records their attendance individually, one member can be responsible for a group (family bubble) but would be better to record everyone separately.

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